Because Lost TimE

is Never Found Again


Elki Consulting Group specializes in productivity and efficiency bringing you real business solutions to maximize your bottom line.

Like a child, every business starts out as someone’s ‘baby’.

At a certain point it becomes necessary to mature out of a reactive state and implement new processes, plan for growth, and align people and technology accordingly.

After all, babies don’t stay babies forever. 

One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that need not to be done at all. 
- Brian Tracy

Our Services

Planning & Development



Management Consulting

Technology Transformation


Where We Work

Elki Consulting Group serves the NY/NJ metro area and anywhere you can access wifi.

Who We Work With

Solopreneurs looking to grow their business;

Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses desiring to grow, transform, optimize, or elevate their business;

Mid- size business needing to restructure for better outcomes;

Business leaders seeking ways to maximize their productivity.

Why We Do What We Do

On the front lines of business, stand our micro, small and mid size business. Being a champion for diversity & inclusion, and being passionate about women in business we are committed to providing services to those ensuring the small guys stay in the game

Your needs don’t have to fit in a category, let’s see how we can relieve some of your frustration.

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