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Commonly asked questions

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Do you only help businesses or do you work 1:1 as well?

We love working 1:1. It’s a great benefit of working with with Elki Consulting Group is that we work with you where we’re at! No big board rooms necessary.

Do you do workshops for teams?

We provide several different workshops creating value in leadership, management, communication, presentation skills, listening skills, selling skills and more.

Can you create a custom workshop that matches our culture?

Yes we can customize tailor, and create workshop that meet the need and climate of your team and organization.

do you work with family owned businesses?

We love working with family owned businesses. Family owned businesses have great strengths, and unique dynamics. We are skilled at helping you find the right balance between family dynamic and business function.

I don’t live in NY/NJ metro area can i still enquire of your services.

Of course! If you have a working internet connection, we would be delighted to meet with you virtually.

I don’t know what i need, but i know i need help

That’s a great place to be! We would love to explore further. Like doctors, we love hearing your symptoms. They offer us an opportunity to uncover the root of the symptoms and explore the right solutions to fit your need.

I have someone in my office that could use your services, how do i speak to them about it?

Let’s start the conversation and explore the right approach on what needs you’re seeing.